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GOPRO FUSION unable to create decoders

hello there i got a problem it said unable to create decoders. when i render it already. can anyone help? im using windows 7

thank you 

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Re: GOPRO FUSION unable to create decoders

I believe you need Windows 10

See, "SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS" on Fusion Studio download page.
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Re: GOPRO FUSION unable to create decoders

Let me join the club! I have exactly the same problem As soon as I hit "RENDER ALL"  button in Render page I get red bar on the top which states "unable to create decoders". I use Windows 10 wit all available updates. Plenty of system recources.


When I go back to Edit page, I see "REFRESH" button instead of "Add to the render queue" button. Pressing that REFRESH button does completely nothing.


Besides other strange issues with the camera, about which I will start another thread, I am really disapointed in GoPro Fusion Studio. It is really crappy software. Possibly will have to look other apps that will do the job for me.

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Re: GOPRO FUSION unable to create decoders


Hi @bluevista66021



I am sorry if you feel this way. Please ensure that your computer meets the minimum system requirements


If you are still getting the error, please let our Support Team know so we can isolate the issue further.





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Re: GOPRO FUSION unable to create decoders

I have the same problem!

I updated to 120_2018-05-11, it will show "unable to create decoders".

I had to return to use 110_2018-01-05 and it worked.

Obviously there is a serious bug in version 120_2018-05-11.

I am disappointed... Smiley Sad


My system

64 bit Windows 10(Update1804)

Intel Core i5 6600K


AMD Radeon R9 290 with 4 GB RAM

Solid State Drive

Screen Resolution 2560x1440

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Re: GOPRO FUSION unable to create decoders

I can confirm, this is not related to hardware or resources. I have got Win10 64b with all possible updates, Xeon E5-2630 CPU, 56GB of RAM, Samsung SSD with enough free space, Radeon R9 28, which all should be above minimum requirements. GoPro support suggested that it might be due to External HDD with FAT32 filesystem, but this does not apply to me as I have internal SSD with NTFS. Meanwhile I would be curious to try older version of Fusion Studio, but where do I get it? I still have a hope that GoPro will quickly release new versions with new features before I completely give up on this.
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Re: GOPRO FUSION unable to create decoders

Download FusionStudio x64 ver.110 (2018-01-05) Smiley Happy

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Re: GOPRO FUSION unable to create decoders

Same problem here, previous version works. Besides it DOES work on AMD CPU (Threadripper 1900 8 Core + 16 GB) as well, so the hardware specs are a bit pointless. Apart from that I was very angry that my phone isn´t capable of handling the app. Not because the phone is too old but because GoPro didn´t mention anything on the box of the cam. That is not a good policy! If you see the app before buying the cam you see it requires Android 5, my S5 neo got Android 6 but then the app says the phone doesn´t meet the requirements. Why not adding the requirements to the box? I have no idea what requirements are needed but I could live with an app that provides basic features (I doubt there is speed required to communicate the settings to the fusion). Even slower rendering or preview with less frames would do.


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