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GOPRO FUSION Black Preview Screen



I use an iphone XS MAX to pair and use the GOPRO App.  I don't get any live preview from the camera through the recording and control and playback all work fine.  I thought it was because I'm using T-Mobile so I turned on Air PLane Mode then proceed to connect to the app and still get the black live preview screen.  I downgraded the resolution to 3K to test and still black screen.  I swapped 2.4 GHZ and 5 GHZ band but still the same.  Can anybody advise?  


I tried this on the NVIDIA SHIELD K1 Tablet as well and I also got the black live screen.  Thanks.



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Re: GOPRO FUSION Black Preview Screen

Hi @shinn7701


The current version of the app does not allow live view for 360 videos.

We'll have this shared with the team.

Please continue checking our website for updates.




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Re: GOPRO FUSION Black Preview Screen

Hi is there any public notice about this?  I just spent an hour working with your guy's tech support trying to isolate the cause.  We eventually devolved to yes software incompatibility.  But a common announcement would alleve us of a lot of issues.  I got a great deal on the GoPro FUsion but I had to return it because I didn't know if it was a hardware issue.  What I don't get is on youtube 2 years ago there was a video showing a working live preview on an iPhone 6s.  So I have now an XS MAX and it doesn't work.



Tin Nguyen