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GO Pro Max Editing in Premier Pro has No Sound, 4K Exports with Bugs



I'm attempting to use 5.6K 360 footage on a Windows 10 PC.  


The only export option availble right now on a PC at 5.6K is CineForm, which has no sound when imported into a freshly installed copy of Premier Pro 2020.  If I downgrade to h.264 for a 4K export, h.264 also does not have sound.


If I export HEVC 4K, the files have sound in Premier Pro, but they also have a blip at the beggining of each file segment (my video has 3) where the image flashes to the front facing camera for a split second before returning to the 360 orientation in focus. This is disorienting when viewed in the VR player. The Go Pro Max splits the .360 media files every 8 minuites and there dosen't appear to be a way to sequence them together without the split second blip. 


The HEVC export takes the 10 gb of data from my souce files down to 3 gb and looses significant quality. 


This makes editing in 2 of the 3 formates entirely unusable and the third format has these crazy blips, which can't be removed unless you want to loose a second or so of the sequence. 


The spacial audio has been converted to stereo in all export formats, so there is no spacial audio availble on this camera for a PC. 


That makes this camera a 4K camera with stereo audio.  That feature set was availble on the Insta360 One in 2018.


How is it legal to sell this camera in the United States with these specs on the box? 


I was hoping for a simplified 360 workflow with this camera as advertised extensively the GoPro website, but instead it's basically unusable.  


This is so dispointing.