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GO Pro Gallery and share @ more than 1080p?

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I'd like to display the video and sahre them in the native resolution.

When i'm playing from the web video's are limited to 1080P.


How can I share video in (native) and  higher resolutions like 2K, 4K , 5K?


Thanks in adavnce for the help!


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Re: GO Pro Gallery and share @ more than 1080p?

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If you're editing using the GoPro app, be aware, it's a "lite" video editor designed for making small clips and sharing them quickly on social media, so you're limited to a 1080P output.


If you want higher resolution clips, you will need to save the clips from the GoPro app to your phone (without editing them first) and then use a different editor for editing (one that supports 4k) or share clips directly without editing.