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GO PRO Hero Session Update

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Hello, I have a Hero Session:

It takes quote long to have camera recording after pushing the quick launch button: Would it be posisble to shorten the camera reaction time trough ad hoc update?

The photo shooting from quick button at 3 sec pressing, is by default the Timelapse, would it be possible to have the option to choose which photoshooting to use (Example I would rather prefer to have the burst)?

Is it possible have a timelapse at 0,2 sec or anyway shorter than 0,5, thorugh update?
Is it possible to invert the association of the quck launch from video to camera and for example to have the camera working at fisrt press and the video at 3 sec press?

Thank you very much


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Re: GO PRO Hero Session Update

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Hi @albeggio


I understand you would like to make the most out of the QuikCapture feature of the camera.


After pressing the shutter button it should not take more than a second for it to start recording. If it does not record right after pressing the button, then a manual software update is recommended.


Pressing the shutter button once starts a video recording. If you press and hold the shutter button, this will take Time Lapse photos. Currently these are the options available. Should you wish to have the ability to change these preferences, you may leave it as a feedback for now.












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Re: GO PRO Hero Session Update

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Thank you very much ARAGON.

I will write a feedback then and I will proceed with the manual update, even if the camera has already been updated by the app.

Thank you