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Fusion won't connect

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I am using the Quik app for my macbook pro, i plug the fusion in to my laptop and turn it on just like the quik app tells me to do, but the import files prompt nevers appears.  wondering if you could help? i just updated the fusion as well to see if that was the problem and quik is the newest version as well.  I am running High Siera for the iOS.  my laptop is a bit older, about 5 years old, but runs great other than this connection issue.  thank you


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Re: Fusion won't connect

Hey @coolgorge0334,


You will need to download the Fusion Studio App to import that content:


This should help as well:




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Re: Fusion won't connect

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My two cents, it is rediculous to have to manually import the files, create folders etc.


I don't know why you suggest this option to customers, if the camera does not connect, a solution is not to "import using the manual process". If someone wishes to import manually, that is fine, I don't think you should distribute a required software for a camera that is not fully integrated.


Rushing to get the package out by christmas, I get that, I'll cut some slack. None of us wants GoPro to go under.

We all wanted our cameras. At this point, months after launch, GoPro needs to put their nose down and fix the direct to camera connectivity issues.


This problem is listed so many times on the "self help" support site it is pathetic. When the problem is called in, or on Support chat, the analyst acts as if never heard of such a problem. Pointing at the SD card, computer specs etc. One of your people suggested I use a "Windows computer", really, c'mon man.

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Re: Fusion won't connect

Its now 24th Feb 2018, its about time GoPro made good on their promise to support Android and Windows properly, fix the App on Android and fix the issues for Windows desktop software.  GET SERIOUS GOPRO !!