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Fusion will not download video to iPhone app

For the love of christ. Someone help me. I've spoken to GoPro people in Manila multiple times for hours on end with no help. Why won't it download???????!!!!!! This camera is a P O S 


I am using brand new macbook and brand new iphone 8; WTF

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Re: Fusion will not download video to iPhone app

Hi @davem005


Is this happening to all videos on your Fusion?

How long was the video?

I have just tested an iPhone8 running on iOS 12.1.1, GoPro app version 5.1.1., Fusion on 1.8.

I was able to download a 5-minute video without any issues, took about 10 minutes.





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Re: Fusion will not download video to iPhone app

Hey, Thanks for replying.


I've finally been able to download one 37 second video from my fusion to my iphone app. It took no less than 15 minutes.


All my videos from 7 days ago are showing up as blank exclamation points in warning triangles (corrupted?) and I can only *sometimes view them after clicking into them. I tried downloading a 45 second snippet of a 4min video to my app after I saw the 1st successful download, but that (potentially) corrupted file said "calculating download" forever and never started.




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Re: Fusion will not download video to iPhone app

Hello @davem005. Sorry for the trouble. If you are trying to download your Fusion files on your computer, make sure that your Macbook is updated to the latest OS version, and that you have downloaded the latest version of the GoPro Fusion Studio on it. It is also important that the Fusion camera has the latest firmware. There links to the latest firmware as well as the instructions on how to download and install are found here


Once Fusion Studio is installed, you will now be able to download your Fusion files through the app (Fusion Studio, not Quik for desktop). Please check this link  for a guide on how to import your Fusion media to Fusion Studio. 


For mobile, try uninstalling, then re-installing the GoPro App to make sure you have the latest version. We see that your iPhone 8 is among the Fusion-Supported devices  so the app should work smoothly with downloading your Fusion files. We were able to test it and it's working. Please try again on your end. First make sure that your Fusion is updated to the latest firmware, and that you are using recommended SD cards on this list. Let us know how it works out. Thanks!