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Fusion video discolored



I have a GoPro fusion, paired to a OnePlus 6. When I shoot a video with it, I see a stark difference in the color of the two hemishperes recorded by the two camera lenses. One half is a little over exposed as compared to the other one, and as a result, the video looks as if it has been shot in two different light settings. Is this normal behaviour? Or is there a problem with the camera?


Appreciate your help.

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Re: Fusion video discolored

It will all depend on your shooting location.  For instance if you're in a dark room shooting out a window, then the lens facing the window could possibly have a much different color profile than the lens shooting in the dark room.  This can also happen if shooting when the sun is low on the horizon.  GoPro did implement better matching profiles for the lens, so make sure your camera firmware is updated to 1.8


If this is still an issue, you can also try the Beta Firmware 2.0