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Fusion stop recording after 10-15 seconds

I have a problem with video recording on my GoPro Fusion. Although capturing photos working with no issues, when I start recording video, after 10-15 seconds recording stopped and there's error on my GoPro App and on the display of Fusion - "NO SD CARD".

Then I must switch off the camera, then power on again, and error dissapear. I see all my photos and that video (length 15 seconds).

I tried everything, switch SD card slots, camera is on the latest firmware, but the problem is constantly there.

Any clues?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards

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Re: Fusion stop recording after 10-15 seconds

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If you can test with another two compatible SD cards from this list, then that would be a good first step.


Both cards MUST be the same make/model/size and should come from the compatibility list.



Sounds like an issue with one or both SD cards. There could just be a bad segment. Since video is recorded sequentially on the card, if the camera runs into a bad sector it gets hung up. On a photo the camera only has to look for a specific free space on the SD card and then write to it. If the sector is bad, the camera can just write to a different spot.



If you don't have a second set of SD cards, or if the issue isn't resolved with a different set, use a USB/SD card adapter and perform a FULL (not quick) format of the SD cards in your computer. 


You should then Download the manual firmware update to your computer and extract the UPDATE folder.  You need to follow the directions very carefully, but doing a manual update usually resolves most issues (BTW, if you haven't already, you can also try the BETA firmware which will give your camera the ability to shoot 5.6K/24fps.  You can find out more here)


After doing the manual update, format both cards in the camera and try again. Repeat the steps above with a different set of SD cards if possible.


If you continue to have issues, contact the GoPro Support Team.  Best of Luck.

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Re: Fusion stop recording after 10-15 seconds

Yes, it's SD card related problem. I tried with another SD card, and video working just fine. 


Thanks for help!

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Re: Fusion stop recording after 10-15 seconds

Awesome, glad you got it straightened out.