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Fusion shut down and overheating and no main power recording

Can anyone advise on a few issues we are having with our Fusion.


Firstly the camera has stopped recording and shut down after a short while which we believe is due to overheating, we cannot fill a 32Gb card with continuous recording without the camera shutting down midway.


We have updated the firmware and run some tests after seeing messages such as 'unable to repair file' 'SD error' (the cards are fine and we have changed these to check)


We have also tried to run the camera directly from the mains power and when starting the recording the camera shuts down for a few seconds and then comes back on seemingly ready to record.


After a few resets and card formatting, we now have a continuously rotating circle on the display....


I have read a few threads that this may actually be a faulty camera, can anyone advise or offer comments.


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Re: Fusion shut down and overheating and no main power recording


Hi @grandflame63810,


Sorry to know you're having that issue. 

May I know what SD card are you using? 


Are you using the same brand and model on both sides?

What resolution are you recording and what is the temperature when that issue happened.