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Fusion lens/image stitching isn't good.

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Hi GoPro,

My Fusion arrived on Sunday and we tried it on my phone without memory cards (yet).

The stitching bewteen the images is... disjointed & obvious, far more than I'm seeing online or even with other people asking about their stitching issues. Does this get tidied-up in the software, or is my camera faulty?


If the latter, how do I get it replaced before I leave to African safari vacation end of this month? 




Andrew M. Ross, Ph.D.

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Re: Fusion lens/image stitching isn't good.

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Hello @seascaper


For the best results, attach Fusion to the mounts that came with the camera. Using the mounts moves the camera away from your hand and helps reduce the chances that your hand appears in the shot. 

Stitching lines is usually present if the Fusion camera is close to the handle or mount. Try to extend the distance of the camera and mount/handle and it will improve the stitching ability. The farther the distance of the subject, the better the stitching. 



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Re: Fusion lens/image stitching isn't good.

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Thanks EJ,

I've done these things, yes. 

I've got 3eyes at 3', there are nearly two full me's at 10' and two whole me's at 20', and we (the doubles) aren't the same height. I'm pretty sure this can't be right... doesn't look like what others are posting re. stiching, where their issue is a shade/colour shift or squishing rather than misalignment(?)


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Re: Fusion lens/image stitching isn't good.

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So if you're using the Fusion without memory cards, then what you're looking at is a "live preview" from the camera.  This means that each camera (the Fusion is basically two camera's joined together) is sending video information to your phone, the app is trying to stitch it together in real time while balancing different lighting conditions, colors and gyro information.  This is a heck of a lot of info for your device to cope with and as a result, you're seeing some splitting in the image.


The live preview is therefore of a much lower quality than you will see when you've actually recorded an image and stitched it using the app or your computer.  


The live preview is simple for setting up a shot/mounting position etc. and therefore will not show the full quality of the device.  Once you have your SD cards and have recorded a clip, you will then be able to download the clip to your device and have it rendered in good quality.  For BEST quality though, you will need to use the GoPro Fusion Studio for your pc or mac.