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Fusion firmware 1.8 & 2.0 time-lapse bug

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I've been taking 5K 30 second time-lapse video.

The Fusion Studio 1.3 suggested updating firmware (to 1.8) so I did.

I started noticing my time-lapse videos shown in the fusion studio were 1/10 as log as the front/back mp4 videos.


I found these help articles:


I then updated to beta firmware 2.0 and still had the issue.

I then downgraded to firmware 1.6 and the issue seems to have gone away.


The 1.6 firmware can be found here:


Could you fix this issue in a future firmware release?

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Re: Fusion firmware 1.8 & 2.0 time-lapse bug

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Go Pro will simply say "Thanks for the info, we've passed this back to the Team in charge...".


The fact is the GoPro Fusion is discontinued and any firmware or software development for the Fusion has been halted.  This is why the GoPro Fusion Firmware was left on 2.0 (beta) and the GoPro Fusion Studio was left on 1.4 (and even that had a huge memory leak issue which would crash the program if left stitching for too long).


Do not expect any further updates to the firmware or software for the GoPro Fusion, what you have is all you're going to get.