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Fusion charging while Recording ?

Hi guys,


since fusion does not have external charger yet.

is it possible to charge the fusion while its recording ?

so that you can record as long as you can.


also 64GB will record how many hours in 4k ?



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Re: Fusion charging while Recording ?

tbh I normally just remove the internal battery & use an external powerpack if i've going to be recording for a long time


I use 64gb cards (2 don't forget in Fusion), & think it says 2.5hrs recording time

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Re: Fusion charging while Recording ?

Just did a test and the camera does not show it charging while it's recording. Typically that means that the some charge is getting into the camera, but the camera may be suing more than is coming in. Charging it while it's in use should allow the battery to last a little longer than it would without charging it, but I don't have a definitive answer on that just yet.


My 64Gb cards are projecting 2.5 hours of recording time at 5.2K/30 and at 3K/60.

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Re: Fusion charging while Recording ?

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I set up a night time lapse (photo every 2 seconds). I started the capture process, THEN connected the external power (GoPro Power Pack). I can see the battery is charging, and also can see the remaining charge percent is increasing.


My long term plan is to connect an extension cord to the power pack to record a multi-hour sequence. 


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Re: Fusion charging while Recording ?



thats 2,5 hours on 64gb card per card? sorry, silly question..