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Fusion audiochannel assignment

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Stiching / downloading fusionclips with the 360-audio option on, creates 4 channels of audiotracks.

The camera itself has 3 builtin mics.

So it seems that fusion-studio is converting the audiomatrix from 3 inputs to 4 outputs.


Can anyone tell which channel of the audiotracks is facing to what direction ?



... I couldn't find out even in a testscenario which is which. In fact, channel 2 is always extremely low , and 4 nearly always the same level.



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Re: Fusion audiochannel assignment

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The GoPro Fusion has 4 built in microphones.  There's 3 on the top of the unit and one on the side without the LCD beside the camera lens..

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Re: Fusion audiochannel assignment

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You have stitched a file with first order ambisonic audio (B-format). The four channels are W (omni), X (figure 8 forward), Y (figure 8 left) and Z (figure 8 up). You can't monitor the audio without a plugin to enable spatial audio monitoring. Premiere Pro has that built-in, check Jason Levine's tutorials for ambisonic audio with 360 in Premiere Pro. There are plugins available for other editors, too.


If your editing software doesn't have support for ambisonic audio, may I suggest you to render the files from Fusion Studio with Stereo audio selected.


Which side is the front: the manual says the front camera is on the same side with the display.