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Fusion & GPS

I've noticed that Fusion has GPS like the Hero 5/6 Black's, anyone seen any results of this yet & how its overlayed onto the video

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Re: Fusion & GPS

@duanem8 - Gauge overlays like we have in Quik for our standard cameras is not currently available with the Fusion Studio, but we will pass along that feedback to our teams.




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Re: Fusion & GPS

Hi, is there any way I can export the telemetery into a simple spreadsheet? I need the pitch and roll values for my research. Much appreciated.

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Re: Fusion & GPS

It seems the fusion software and 360 features is very limited right now.


I was hoping to combine multiple 360 videos in fusion like I can in the studio app.

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Re: Fusion & GPS

So far, I've seen no evidence that the GPS in the Fusion is recording any data in photos or videos. I've mined the exif and nothing. GPS is the reason that I bought the Fusion. I might be returning it if I don't hear something about a solution for this. 

I want to use the Fusion to do Google Streetview-like photos, but need GPS stored in the image exif for this to work. 

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Re: Fusion & GPS

Same here, Ima really dissapointed by this. I have checked the photos in the camera and also the ones comming out from Fusion Studio and no one has any GPS information.

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Re: Fusion & GPS

So I hope this video can help you'll if you were looking for something like this.
The fusion records GPS data but still needs to be updated.
Check this video on how to use it.
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Re: Fusion & GPS

Very cool. Thank you.