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Fusion Video Editing without Premier Pro


So, I am looking for a way to edit my Fusion videos. Obviously, a lot of tutorials online shows the workflow with Premier Pro, but let's face it - Premier Pro is ridiculously expensive...Adobe has seriously gone off the rails with their pricing and subscriptions. They've pretty much made their products inaccessible to hobbyists.


I also have seen some people using DaVinci Resolve for editing. I have dug into it a little bit, but the first issue I ran into with the free version is that it won’t let me use the full video resolution. I would possibly consider buying the full version (even though that’s not cheap either). However, the workflow seems cumbersome. I’m also bit disappointed that GoPro doesn’t have a bit more functionality in one of their apps for this... but that’s just being picky.


So anyways, I was seeing if anyone else had a software or technique they were using without dropping tons of money? The Premier Pro setup looks great, but that is just not a viable option for simply editing videos of my dogs and nephew…hahaha. Anyways, any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: Fusion Video Editing without Premier Pro



So this solution is far from perfect, but I did come across an option that gets me much closer to where I want to be. The Reframe360 plugin for Davinci Resolve is free and provides a lot more intuitive control over parameters than other methods I was watching. You can edit Pitch, Yaw, Roll, etc. You can also save different camera views and use keyframes.


The only issue this doesnt resolve is that the free version of Resolve still does not handle the full resolution (5.2K) video from Fusion. However, at least I know that upgrading to the full version is an option if I decide i'll be doing a lot of least I wont have to subscribe to an absurd Adobe subscription to do some fun editing.


For anyone on the same journey I suggest you try Reframe360. There's a good video that shows how to use it here.