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Fusion Studio Burst Stills

Have trying using Mac (i7, 8gb ran) and windows (i7, 8gb). First on the windows trying to import straight of the fusion, i can the media but it treats the burst files as a video instead of singles images and then only renders the 1st mutiple times, it also gets stuck at stichting at 3.3% but finished in the render folder. If i import the media after taking the front and back image of the card and place on desktop then import the media, the stitching gets stuck on 0% and a black square is in the folder (having left it for over an hour).


On the Mac, same with importing the data, no problems, but as soon as i click to render the program closing and sends an error report.


So at the moment i can do anything end result wise. Im using the most up to date version on cam and studio.

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Re: Fusion Studio Burst Stills

I ran into the same issue when I tried to export a single photo from a burst set. The way I did this was to find the image I wanted to use, and then drag both the start and end sliders to that frame. When I export, I chose to export as a .JPG, and that worked out for me. If you want some more step-by-step help, I can gladly give that, but it'll have to wait until I'm on my PC at home.

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Re: Fusion Studio Burst Stills

Thank you.


I'd tried everything i could think of but not that, didnt realise the sliders were there, again thank you for the help it worked first time.


Hopefully they get the software sorted soon !!!!!.