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Fusion Studio 1.4 and newly updated Mach system

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Hello Guys

I need help on this problem.

So before I updated the new software, my fusion camera was working and I was fine uploading pictures and videos.

Then the new software updated, unfortunately, eveything went wrong!

I could not see my videos and photos anymore in the fusion studio app.

I contacted GOPRO and they helped me to update everything such as fusion studio app 1.4, firmware, etc, even my USB connections.

All of the interventions were unsuccessful.

I emailed them that using my PHOTOS APP in my desktop, I could see my videos and photos.

Using my regular GOPRO APP, I could see my videos and pictures.

I do not think my USB connections/ my computer has a problems, because if so, I won't be able to see it wherever.

FUSION STUDIO 1.4 and MACH new software I am suspecting, please help if someone from here knows how to solve.

Thank you very much in advance!