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Fusion Gimbal Drift

I'm using firmware V2.00 and Fusion Studio 1.4.


Mostly, the stabilisation features in Fusion Studio work fine, but for some clips, particularly long ones (>1min), rendering the clip with Full Stabilisation selected, the yaw/pitch/roll settings to keep (say) a north-facing horizontal horizon change - which has the effect that, since you can cannot change YPR settings mid-render, the footage typically rolls to one side. Rendering with anti-shake works fine (with only the expected minor wobbles due to the hand-held nature of the camera).


I have rendered the same clip using both Anti-Shake and Full Stabilisation settings and can upload if someone would care to take a look?


I would like someone to confirm that it is NOT a hardware problem with the GPS/Gimbal recording/tracking within my Fusion - and that if it is a "feature" of either the camera firmware or Fusion Studio software, someone is looking at it.


Thanks for reading.

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Re: Fusion Gimbal Drift

I've also had this issues with my camera's having this issue.  When recording a car journey for instance and I stop at traffic lights, the camera perspective will slowly roll or pan to the right.  However using the GoPro Reframe pluggin in Adobe Premier Pro allows me to add keyframes to stop this from being an issue.


Also filming in timelapse seems to lock the gyro's and keeps the footage centered.