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Re: Fusion Corrupted Files or something

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I realize I'm late on the response here, but have spent the last couple days, on and off, trying to figure out why only a few of my many files have THM files attached.  djorny is dead-on with his explanation.


I used four Fusions to capture multiple angles of an event lasting 70 minutes.  I also captured some shorter bursts of less than 5 minutes.  The shorter shots are self contained with mov, THM, and LRV files.  However, the 70 minute clips appeared to not have THM files.  I was very confident that I had transfered all media and files to my primary external hard drive, plus backup.  I was attempting to stitch files in an individual manner, as recommended on a couple YouTube tutorials, but trying to import individual files, consisting of front and back MOV files resulted in an import error in Fusion Studio.  After reading djorny's post, I lumped all the files from my 70 minute clip into a folder on my hard drive and successfully imported into FS.  


Clips this long take several minutes for FS to process and prep for user to adjust settings.  Be patient, it works.  Also, when you initiate the render of a clip this long, the first thing FS does is Merge the files back into one.  This takes a few minutes also.  It will begin rendering once the files are merged again.


I see a lot of criticism of Fusion and Fusion Studio on YT and this support hub, but I'm optimistic of how my film is going to come out.  The footage captured looks beautiful on the shots I've stitched. The sound is good. The stitching looks really clean so far.  There are always glitches to work out as we use new software the first time, especially when working with clips this complicated and girthy.  I've learned a ton the last couple days about VR, Fusion, and FS.  Don't hesitate to contact me with questions.