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Fusion 360 didn’t save front recording

Hello, hoping someone may be able to offer a solution to this problem.

I set fusion 360 to record (5.2k, 30fps) for a 4-5 minute video. On stopping recording and checking the media, it appears only the back camera successfully saved whereas the front camera did not save. I can see the clip in the media browser but cannot playback due to this issue.

I’ve ejected both front and back micro SD cards and imported to my desktop. The footage from the back camera is accessible and plays as normal but the front camera reads 4:52 duration, 0kb.

It’s really important footage so please let me know if there is a way to resolve this.
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Re: Fusion 360 didn’t save front recording

Hello @vitalsummi024. Is this the case for all footage that you have? Or is this only happening when the resolution is set to 5.2K, 30fps? Are you getting any error message or code?


Which firmware version is the camera on? If you haven't yet, try re-flashing camera firmware following the instructions under Manual Update here . 


If the issue persists, see if updating to the latest (Beta) version of the camera will help. Information and instructions are at . 


Let us know how it goes. Thanks!