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Fusion 360 Workflow

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  I'm looking for a simplified Fusion 360 workflow.  I've been shooting with GoPro's and Canon EOS prosumer cameras for years.  To call the Fusion workflow bewildering and frustrating is a polite understatement.


GoPro support was worthless bordering on hostile when I contacted them via Chat.


I've upgraded to the Beta versions of the Adobe Premiere plugin and Fusion Studio.  The plugins at least work now.


I am trying to create VR360 video and process it to upload to YouTube for my channel.

I get that I need to stitch the video in Studio.  I'm not really sure what the difference between 360 and overcapture is.  Studio has zero contextual help and there is no realistic way to provide Beta feedback to GoPro because they are obsessed with hiding from customer emails.


Once I get it into Premiere there are GoPro things that pop up and stay on top.  No idea what they do as they are not intuitive.


Thanks to some YouTube videos I have figured out how to apply an effect and use key frames to "navigate" where the focus is in the video.  


When I output the video I'm left with a reasonably low-res flat video that cannot be panned.  The VR checkbox is ticked and the footage is 360 in Premiere, but I don't understand why it's being lost at that point.


I really need a "recipe" of steps to process video and produce a 360 video that can be sent to YouTube and allow my viewers to "look around."  


I've spent hours today rendering and editing and searching for information.  2 minutes of video, hours of work.  That's not how it should be.  

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Re: Fusion 360 Workflow

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Hi there, I'm actually preparing my own "First" 360 video for upload to youtube (I left it rendering this morning) so hopefully (if it works) I can give you a few tips.


1st of all the difference between 360 and overcapture is that 360 video is spherical video.  This is what you should be uploading if you want a video where visitors can "look around" so to speak.  Overcapture is a way of making a standard "framed" video out of a 360 degree video.  This means that it's more like a regular youtube video and you control the orientation and direction that the camera faces.  This means youtube visitors cannot "look around" as it's not a spherical video.  


So back to my own workflow (so far).  I've selected the clips I want to work with and left them rendering on my laptop.  I'm rendering them in GoPro Fusion Studio and rendering them as 360 degree video's (not overcapture).  Once these are complete I will import them into Premier Pro for editing and color grading.  I will hopefully be able to update you on the export settings that I use, however it's important to note that you will not be using the GoPro VR ReFrame plugin for a 360 video.  If you use this plugin you will in fact be turning your 360 Video into an Overcapture video.  


Here is also an example of a 360 video that's been turned into an overcapture video using the GoPro VR ReFrame plugin if you're still unclear.


Let me know if any of the above helps and hopefully we can nail down a simple and easy workflow solution to post here that even others can use.

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Re: Fusion 360 Workflow

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Great info.


I can tell you what I've found so far, and what didn't work.


First, a bit about my "normal" workflow when I shoot footage from my EOS 6D and GoPros.  I normally use the 6D as the "A" roll and capture audio with a remote mic and primary video.  I then use the GoPro Hero 5 Black (2018) and a Hero (2018) for B roll footage.  Sometimes time-lapse video for longer projects and sometimes for a durable camera that can easily be moved around.


I then take all of this footage and drag it into a project folder.  


From there I quality review the footage and delete anything that doesn't move forward (out of focus, short false-starts, etc)


I then pick through the footage and compile the main story in Premiere Pro.  Then I go back and weave in the B roll footage.


I'm sure there are better ways to do it, but this works for me.  It makes sense to me.

When I'm done with a project I out put a "product" file and post it to my YouTube Channel.

I then "archive" the entire project off to a NAS unit.  All of my editing is on an SSD "scratch" disk, separate from the OS drive.


I expected to treat the fusion as another camera.  Produce footage on it, export it as VR360 and then do my editing in Premiere.

I get that that stitching takes .75 Eternities.... not happy about that, but I remember early digitized video and being happy to have desktop video editing.  


The YouTube videos I have found suggest applying the VR Reframe, which seems to be an overcapture plugin.  This is probably what "threw away" the rest of the sphere in the video.  While I have use-cases for overcapture, right now I'm focused on the "look around" use case where my viewers can "see what I see" and "look around" on the scene.  Honestly, I will probably always produce VR360 footage and simply seek to "guide the focus" in the video so that what I think the story is gets shown.


What did work for me yesterday, was to export the video for upload on YouTube.  Video straight from Fusion Studio was recognized on FB/YT and worked as expected.  This suggests something in Premiere Pro is munching my video settings.


I did finally find that if you click the wrench in the clip/footage you can enable the VR tools.  This is nice as it gives you an efficient way to turn the field of view.  I haven't figured out how to take an edited in/out pair (i'll call that a clip) and drag it to the timeline.  I was *very* frustrated last night so I found some success and decided to live to fight another day.  :)


I'm frustrated and disappointed in GoPro.  I see huge potential in this format.  I told another videographer friend that this is a game changer for film/video.  Despite that, the lack of a "happy path to success" is going to make most consumers give up.  GoPro seems to be putting more energy into avoiding their customers than solving their problems.  That doesn't bode well.  

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Re: Fusion 360 Workflow

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Oh, and I guess I should share the footage I posted to YouTube.  lol.


I did go through in Fusion Studio and "point" the focus.  I spent a fair amount of time adjusting the field of view (I call it poinitng viewer focus).  I was a bit miffed that apparently that got ignored during render.  SMH.


I'd also like the ability to setup multiple render jobs to create platform optimized video for FB/YT/Twitter.  99% of the time I want to post to YT and link from other places.


I really think Overcapture will become the Go To feature for DIY YouTubers.  It lets me put the camera basically in one optimal spot and not worry about managing the shot as much.  I've lost more video in the past to being "off frame" than I can shake a stick at.


I don't think I'd re-frame the video though as having all the extra footage is generally not a big deal for my shots.

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Re: Fusion 360 Workflow

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After some searching I found this very handy turtorial that explains the workflow and best export options




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Re: Fusion 360 Workflow

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I was really looking for documentation, not a tutorial in a video.

It's worth pointing out that the video you linked to:

- has 884 views and was published 6 months ago.  This suggests its not terribly good or popular.  xMode media by comparison has 28,000 views.

- spent the first 35 seconds on a screen shot of Premiere Pro telling us he has it open.  This may be why it has 884 views.

- skipping through the video shows that it's more of the same.  A narrated screen view.


I'm not saying I won't watch that video, but I'm going to need to get a little more desparate before I feel the need to lose 8.5 minutes of my life watching someone break the rules of YouTube video production:

- Brief intro, no more than 15 seconds

- Show your face.  It's not AnonTube

- Get to the magic.  Nobody buys a cupcake for the wrapper.  There is a reason the icing is on top.

- Demonstrate some mastery of whatever it is your are explaining.  Telling me you rendered something and showing me a black screen makes me think you don't know what you are doing.  Besides, who renders in PP directly?  There is a reason media encoder exists.


I would expect GoPro to actually have put together "success paths" or "recipes" that buyers can follow to obtain predictable results with the product.  Unfortunately, a few days in these haven't materialized which means that GoPro is still busy avoiding customers and not really monitoring this forum for support requests for this new product that, as one journalist put it, "will make or break the company."