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Full screen footage

I give up , trying to make my footage full screen on YouTube but
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Re: Full screen footage



2 question:


1. What mode did you rec ? resolution, fps mode 4:3 or 16:9 ?

2. What video editor did you use?

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Re: Full screen footage

Maybe you project has some "bad" settings
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Re: Full screen footage

This is the problem with your video editor.  It's set up as 4:3 and you imported 16:9 footage (widescreen).  So the only way it can accomodate is to shrink down your 16.9 footage, add black bars above and below and fit it into a 4:3 window.


This is what you're seeing.

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Re: Full screen footage

This video was created with the GoPro mobile app. It defaults to 4:3. You need to change it to 16:9 BEFORE you start editing. The clips have been changed to 16:9 but the project is still in 4:3.