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I received a Hero 7 Black for Christmas. My fiance thought I would use on my fishing trips. I don't do videos, just take pics so I was going to return it. After reading everything I could do with it I decided to keep it. After playing with it I realized my old laptop would not play 4k videos or do alot of the things I could do with the camera. I hadn't bought a new computer in years so I thought I'd get a new one. I ended up getting a Dell G7 gaming laptop with a good processor and graphics card, it was on sale. 

I have been palying around with the nightlapse. If I do a lapse overnight Quik will play it. If it is longer than overnight Quik freezes. So I used the windows 10 photo app that does timelapse which worked ok. I did a timelapse over a couple days, 8000 pics. Quik wouldn't even upload the pics. I used windows photo app, took some time but worked until I "finished video" to save it as a mp4. After saving it it won't play. Windows media player says codec issue, if I try VLC player "unable to open MRL file". When I click on properties on the mp4 it show 0 bytes.

Do I need to spend money on software instead of the free ones?

I just want to do some nightlapse when we are in Canada and out in the middle of nowewhere. Some of the free software I downloaded it so complicated for what I want to do.

I'm ready to return the laptop and sell the GoPro. I can't believe it would be so complicated.

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Re: Frustrated

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Devinchi Resolve 16.     play with that. do not like it then yes start researching other titles Like Cyberlink, powerdirector 16, and or Magix 2020 premium.