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Front screen default / NO WAY TO JOIN GOPRO

I’ve just bought for Christmas the Hero 8. Great camera.
But the front screen has a default. Like if the liquid crystal is leaking or something like that. I noticed it a few days after I bought it (I hadn't used it yet), and the black mark is getting bigger. I can send you pictures. Some information on the screen is not anymore
I suppose that a replacement offer would be the easiest way to deal with this issue. Please, consider that I need it within 15 days.
Thanks for your quick feedback on this topic.


And most important: WHERE CAN I CONTACT GOPRO ??!! No e-mail, no working chat, no calling back, inoperative website. It is aberrant to see that a company like GoPro is not able to provide such basic service.

Best regards.

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Re: Front screen default / NO WAY TO JOIN GOPRO

Use the "Contact Us" option at the bottom of the page.  You can leave GoPro a message there AND request a call back.

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Re: Front screen default / NO WAY TO JOIN GOPRO

Hi irishmanpdx, as I said, this formular doesn't work. I am in the office hour, I write the message, and then it says "doesn't work in your country", or i f I want to be called, I click the button, and... nothing happen on the page or on my phone. Thanks for your suggestion.
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Re: Front screen default / NO WAY TO JOIN GOPRO

@simongrano, visit to initiate a callback request or chat with one of the representatives. If you haven't yet, try again after clearing cache and cookies or using a different browser. You may also explore using an incognito browser to see if it makes a difference.

If you continue to have trouble connecting to our Chat Support team. You may try changing the location and language to "US, English" on the webpage.

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Re: Front screen default / NO WAY TO JOIN GOPRO

it works if it's correctly done. find your mistake. for us it's not placing the  World zone in. if you're in th office maybe do it publically outside somewhere  that has no firewalls.



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Re: Front screen default / NO WAY TO JOIN GOPRO

Hi everyone,

I tried several time this weekend and again this morning, at home with VPN, smartphone, standard connection. Doesn't work. It is worst this morning, the submit button is not active...

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Re: Front screen default / NO WAY TO JOIN GOPRO

Hello @simongrano. Looks like this has something to do with reCAPTCHA on Safari mobile web browser (iOS) only. Close the tab (not refresh) on the mobile web browser and re-open the Contact Us page to enable the reCAPTCHA. This should allow you to proceed to the next step.

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Re: Front screen default / NO WAY TO JOIN GOPRO

Hello mariustanya,

I am working on Mozilla Firefox. I tried with Chrome, using a VPN to simulate america connection.

It was the only way to make the captcha appear.

Pop-up came...empty. Phone call...still waiting.

""...invalid reply.

I.e., I am using with friends an Insta360 One X, Insta360 have an e-mail adress, answering within 24h. Everytime I get an answer, and the camera make a round trip to Hong-Kong to change a lens, in 3 weeks...

I bought the GoPro 8 directly on GoPro Official Website, no support is workin, I spend hours on it.

I am so disappointed with the way GoPro treats their customer.

How difficult is it to make an e-mail adress for support? Seems that they are counting on client mutual aid on this "support hub".


Thanks a lot guys for all your commitment !


If you have a trick I am still interested, but really, I don't know what to try next :(


Thanks !