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Freezing camera

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I've had my Hero7 for a little more than a year now. I'm currently on holiday and decided to post about my issues. The device is almost unusable and I have missed some pretty good shots because it let me down on several occasions.

1) turning off the device is 1/3 impossible. After the LED confirmation, the screen keeps showing me a live view and the only way to stop this is to remove the battery. If I don't do anything, the GoPro runs hot until the battery is depleted. In some cases the device does turn off normally, it keeps running in the background and the area around the lens is impossible to touch because of the high temperature.
2) during normal operation, it just freezes and I have to remove the battery to get it working again
3) swiping through different modes is with an extreme lag

The software is up-to-date and I'm using the SanDisk 64GB card that came bundled with it from I've tried multiple resets and formats, without luck. Manually updating it has not helped either. For a +€400 device, it's not giving me the promised performance.
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Re: Freezing camera

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I have exactly the same issue...frequent freezing.  I have to lift and re-insert the battery to reset it and restart.  Very very annoying, like you say, missed quite a number of good photos/ videos.

I had the same issue with my Hero 4 Black, as well....not very good for GoPro reputation.

If this is not fixed by updates soon, I'll ditch Gopro for good.  There are competitive products from Dji, not a company I prefer, but in the end, I might have to go there.


Gopro, please listen, and listen up quuick, fix this.  


Also I used loop recording a lot, and it keeps stopping to loop when the SD card dwindled to the last 30 % of the capacity, whi.. ch is still quite a lot, using a 16GB card.  Very disappointing.  Also I missed a lot of sudden and unexpected events which loop recording is good for capturing.

Gopro has been disappointing, but now, there are alternatives. Listen, Gopro.

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Re: Freezing camera

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Are the sd card the only one you own.  And  is it   ever formatted.  and how do you format cards by the way?


 the  battery removal  why not just hold the   mode that resets the camera, hard boots.  Can gopro  correct a glitch a bug a known issue, nut sure.  Going to the Dark side  well there are issues there as well, and a lot less  camera.   I am wit hthat competitor and  it is just another camera.

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Re: Freezing camera

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