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Freezes transferring files



I'm having issues getting photos and videos off my GoPro. I can see all the photos & videos on the GoPro app on my phone when connected to the GoPro wifi.


As soon as I try to transfer them to a computer the transfer of files freezes after the first few files. It also pretty much freezes the whole computer, the only way I can unfreeze everything is by disconnecting the camera/removing the card. I can also only see thumbnails of a few files, however as mentioned if I use the GoPro Android App I can see all these pictures correctly. I have tried this with different computers all running windows 10.


I have tried transferring/viewing a number of ways:


  • Transferring through the GoPro windows application with the camera itself (and microsd card inside) connected directly to the computer.
  • Transferring via Windows Explorer (copy/paste) with the camera itself (and microsd card inside) connected directly to the computer.
  • Transferring via a CMD prompt copy/paste operation (to try and bypass any weird explorer issues).
  • I have also tried the above operations with an external microsd card reader with no success.


None of these attempts have worked and all seem to freeze at the same point. My guess is that there is a corrupt file/files somewhere that freezes the operation.


Has anyone experienced this before? Do you know any other way to get the files off? I could potentially transfer over wifi from the GoPro to my phone but a) it will take days as there is approx 40 GB on the card and b) I don't have enough space on my phone to do it all at once. It's also very fiddly.


Thanks in advance!

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Re: Freezes transferring files

Hi @fireypike74170,


What SD Card are you using? You may be able to work with the manufacturer to get those files if they are corrupted!