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Footage Firmware Issue?

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Got Gopro MAX with all the latest firmware and also the 64Gb card that came with it (U3 and V30) but here is the issue ....


when i was recording the memory card finally became full and couldnt record anymore, fair enough, BUT i was shocked to find out that what i was recording didnt get saved and is now a corrupted file.


How come the firmware in GoPro's software doesnt save recording when it comes near the end of the SD card? i lost a good 20 mins of recording because of that.


There should be something in the firmware to recongise that the SD card is near enough full, then automatically stop recording rather then keep recording to the very end,  and lose the footage that was recording.


Is this normal or was this a one off blip. just for the record my setting was recording in 1442 resolution, high bit rate. maybe it was recording to fast before the firmware realised it was near the end and then cut off before it could be saved?


any input would be greatly received.


maybe in future the GoPro team could allow our devices to bleep when there is 1GB left on our SD Card ?


Apart from that very happy with my first ever GoPro and when i had an issue before i got a call back the very next day. Awesome

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