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Fog on the lens and blue screen

Hello, I am traveling in Thailand.
I left with my Go Pro White and I made beautiful shots.
On the other hand since yesterday my Go Pro crashed and made a blue screen (as it could do it on my computer with the bluescreens) and the screen did not light up, so I tried to charged it but it caused fogging on the lens!
The camera does not turn on anymore ... Do you know how to resolve this?

Thank you
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Re: Fog on the lens and blue screen

@cdricg, sorry to hear about what happened. It might be possible that the moisture came into the camera through the side door. Try allowing the unit to dry in an air conditioned and/or low humidity environment (<50% Humidity). Once traces of fogging has cleared, see if you can power the camera on.

If the problem persists, our Support team will be able to assist you with the next steps. You may reach them by phone or chat through

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Re: Fog on the lens and blue screen

Hello, thank you for your response, I will try to follow your tips Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Fog on the lens and blue screen

Hi @cdricg

Feel free to post back.