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Focus et vibration des videos

Bonjour ,

Lorsque j’utilise ma héros 7 black a l’intérieur avec des lumières artificielles, on observe à la lecture des vibrations ou mise au point pas nette , le focus est comme perdu .

Avez vous des explications ?

Je précise que l’objectif est propre , et que les personnes filmées se trouvent à plus d’un mètre de la caméra , et que cela ne se produit pas du tout lorsque je filme en extérieur mais uniquement en intérieur avec lumière artificielle

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Re: Focus et vibration des videos

Hello ,

When I use my hero 7 black inside with artificial lights, it is observed when reading vibrations or focus not clear, the focus is as lost.

Do you have explanations?

I specify that the lens is clean, and that the people filmed are more than a meter from the camera, and that it does not happen at all when I film outdoors but only indoors with artificial light

Thank you
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Re: Focus et vibration des videos

I too am having the same problem with vibration recorded on film. I am working under LED Lighting and have only purchased my GoPro today so there is no issues with the camera itself as it is brand new.

A solution or explanation would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Focus et vibration des videos


Hi @boldrange34010 @zigadlom530



See if the new update corrects the issue.

Please refer to this link: