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Flashlight effect in video - Karma Hero 6 0 Black -- Need opinions please

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I'm getting an flashlight effect in my video during a panning shot around the waterslide, you can see a flashlight effect on the grass in the baseball field. Is this a reflection ??.. I have another video that has the same affect when the camera is pointed at the same angle in relation to the sun. The sun is behind the camera and you can gage the angle by looking at the shadows of the trees. What are your thoughts ?... Thank you.



The effect is in the original file as well, Adobe Premiere isn't adding it.


ProTune Settings

Shutter = Auto

EV Comp 0

ISO Min = 100

ISO Max = 400

White Balance = 5500

Sharpness = Low

Color = GoPro

Adobe Premiere CC 2017 added 10 on sharpness, Export 83Mbps