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First ride on the Coney Island Cyclone with my new GoPro Hero 7 Black

Hi All... new here to these boards as I just picked up a Hero 7 Black a few weeks ago when it was on sale at Costco and I have been waiting for a day to take it out and test it with something I love to do, and thats roller coasters.


I headed out to Coney Island in Brooklyn NY, hopped on the Cyclone (twice) with my wrist mounted GoPro Hero 7 Black and here are the results...


Front car POV:



Last Car POV:


I have to say, I am super impressed with this thing... the image stabalization on it is ridiculous.  Can't wait to take it onto some more coasters... 

My first ride of the season on the granddad of all woodies, the Coney Island Cyclone. First time also testing out my GoPro Hero 7 Black with wrist mount.
Second ride of the season (this time in the last seat of the last car) on the Coney Island Cyclone.
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Re: First ride on the Coney Island Cyclone with my new GoPro Hero 7 Black

Welcome to the Hub, @parisi2274! These are awesome footage - made us feel like we were riding the roller coaster ourselves. Thank you for sharing, and stay stoked! 

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Re: First ride on the Coney Island Cyclone with my new GoPro Hero 7 Black



What was the charge to get on the first ride and then after each additional  repeat ride?  I remember the price being  a few dollars back then.  And the Insurance to Run the  coaster 5 million.  It is the Oldes wooden one around and the fastest to they say.  Are you going to g o nthe Thunderbolt for @mariustanya   Show him that fairly new one that used to be the   old wooden one that burnt down by Nathans?  I remember they added Sandbags  and the coaster was still to light, you bounce around and all. 


I understand hte last time they did not allow any  camera's  and now they do again?


I remember the days where our  old buddy  ran the  rockets , they spun us arond for 30 plus minutes.,,


  Awesome to see the cmera isworking out well for you and  Hypersommoth did its job   A lot of History there  a lot of history.

Enjoyed the show

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Re: First ride on the Coney Island Cyclone with my new GoPro Hero 7 Black

@fishycomics The funny thing about the cameras being allowed on the ride is that, when I looked on the luna park website there was absolutely no mention about cameras or gopro's being prohibited on any of the rides, so I went and had the gopro attached to my wrist... when I got in line at the Cyclone they had a big poster board of some phones that were destroyed from people riding with them out and trying to film and it said "No cameras or gopros allowed" and I was like well that sucks, so luckily I had on my hoodie and I just hit the gopro up my sleeve and then when the ride started I just moved my sleeve and filmed.


I guess I am screwed if I go over the summer and I am just wearing a t-shirt as there will be no way for me to hide the gopro.


I assume the same will be true of the Thunderbolt, but I am going to e-mail LunaPark about it before going.