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First impressions with the battery life of my new GoPro Hero 7 Black!

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Just got my GoPro Hero 7 yesterday from the mail and first thing I checked was battery life after reading tons of "issues" here not able to fully charge to 100% , stuck at 98% yada yada.... mine seems to be stable so far and achieved 100% in one initial charge! Yipeee! Smiley Very Happy


  • I booted up my GoPro when I went home at around 10:30PM, did a 'sync' with the GoPro App on my Samsung S9 + and saw that my battery went down from 3% to 1% .. no biggie.. i was pressing some settings anyway.. 
  • After properly syncing ,  I used my Xiaomi portable charger to charge it up. 
  • Turned off the GoPro 7 and charged it at 10:30 PM then binged watch in Netflix and while checking the progress of batt from time to time.
  • Checked it at 12mn ++ and it charged up to 100%. Im so00ooo relieved!


I woke up at arounf 7:00 AM today, booted up my GoPro and saw that it went down to 98%!  So I guess I'm the few people here that does not have any issue? Smiley Wink


Things to note:

1. It does not have any SDCard yet (still yet so ship)

2. No update of firmware done at all.

3. GPS is off

4. Voice command off

5. Wireless is ON


I did notice though that it experience a minor glitch which was similar to my old GoPro Hero 5 that it WON'T turn off sometimes... I need to do it twice before it beeped and turning off. 


I will keep on updating this thread.