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First impressions with the GOPro Hero 8

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Just got my Hero 8 a few days ago and thought I share my initial impressions.

- this year, the new gopro seems like a mixed bag. On one side, the new design changes make sense but on the other side they seem like a downgrade. First I will adress the non removable lens, I think is a mistake, even though it might help better with sealing and fogging, at least they should have thought of including that 20 dollar something lens protectors. Altough the mounting fingers are a welcome change, they should have coupled them with a cage cause they don't seem sturdy enough to handle rough handling on the long term. No doubt they are durable but the most concerning issue is the fact that the weak point is at the base were the screws are (this issue will be resolved with third party manufactures but kinda bummed that is yet another cost). The plus side of the redesign is that it has better sealling, this time I can feel the vacuum created when closing the door but is **bleep** hard to remove the sd card without removing the battery first.

- the menu is lagging, and often times I find myself pressing twice more for the touchscreen to get a read. The menu is better redesigned in the sense it offers more ways to quickly change settings with presets.

- Hypersmooth 2.0 is the main feature that this camera rests upon and while I can say it's better than the 7 it has a significant drawback. Unless you film in 4k, the image will be severly compressed with great loss of detail even at 2.7k on the high setting (boost is even worse). I invite you to test 2.7k with hypersmooth on vs high. 1080p still sucks like last years model due to hypersmooth compression, but at least the high setting doesn't make it worse, I even find it a little better than 2.7k with high wich to me is a plus a a letdown at the same time.

- speaking of other letdowns, the horizon lock, a feature that I really wanted since I saw it on the reelsteady software, is here but it makes the footage look weird, can't really describe it but it's enough to make it feel like a feature I won't use.

- low light sucks but hey, we all know there isn't much that can be done with EIS on this regard (don't sell your osmo pocket).

- the live feature seems more stable even at 1080p. Have to test it further.

- Doesn't seem to overheat much more than it supposed to but then again I never had problems with the 7 regarding this.

- I have manually updated it using the metod danielr described  on these forums (full format my card in computer->manually update camera->format card in camera->full reset) and I fully recommend doing this if you have problems with freezing. It solved my problem that I had last year with the 7. No freezing problems with the 8.

- for those of you who have a gap on the front cover and are able to squeze it, you should consier sending it back cause mine doesn't have this.

- is not compatible with the existing gimbals on the market.

-the slow discharge doesn't seem to be a problem anymore but I will keep a closer eye now that I put it through some charge cycles.

-timewarp seems more refined but the compression artifacts are still visible even in 4k.

-nightlapse is cool to have but nothing I will use often.

-audio seems better.


If you have the 7, upgrade isn't worth it. If it's your first camera, you should really consider the 7 or osmo action. If you trully have a use for the better stabilization or slowmotion with stabilization and don't care about the image quality and you have no problem shooting only in 4k than you should get it but, again, you should really consider the hero 7 or DJI or even MAX.

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Re: First impressions with the GOPro Hero 8

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Enjoyed reading the Review?


My question is the legs are Machine screwed on.   Just waiting to hear  some one post up water damage,  and this leads to the  legs not having A seal and leads directly into the camera.  not sure how good that will be.  so  I make sure a plus pkg is at hand on the Hero 8 .   Am I going to get one.


ANother review here says  No.  For me.