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First Time GoPro User, Endless Errors

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First time Go Pro/ Camera owner here... let me describe my experience... i buy the camera after thanksgiving in anticipation of my Christmas trip to Utah. I get the camera along with a bunch of accessories, 2 batteries, and of course the Scan Disk Ultra Plus 128gb card... as soon as I get it out of the box I take it on a walk and shoot 4K, 1080p, stabilization on & off. About 2hrs of footage in clips ranging 2min-40min... no problems... I put the camera away and don't use it for a couple weeks until it starts snowing and I can go skiing... so a few weeks go by and I bring my new go pro to the local mountain so I can mess around with some shots before I get to Utah... get to the top of the mountain hit record and get to business... I get to lunch and Wtf 30 seconds of footage and an SD card error?!? I figure this is my first camera I must've goofed something up with the capture app or something, maybe I need to make more space even though it says I have roughly 4 hours remaining... So I get home wipe the memory card and try shooting a couple vids in my apartment.Works fine... now finally I get to my ski trip in Utah. Test it in the morning before I get to the mountain. Shoot a brief clip in 1080p w/ stabilization on... I get to the mountain, get to the top of the lift hit record... get to the bottom got a 10s clip and an SD card error message... so I turn to the forums and the massive disappointment sets in. That feeling when you're past the 15-day return policy and you just spent nearly $700 for a camera and all the accessories that will not shoot a video.

I'll be 100% this was a purchase I had been thinking about awhile. Figured I'd buy it and learn how to use it, and maybe even upgrade to the Karma drone. I watched all the GoPro channel videos that sold me on ease of use (I've never owned a camera other than my phone)... Suffice to say THIS THING IS NOT EASY TO USE AT ALL. I'm feeling deceived and pretty pissed off at the waste of money. Not to mention today is the last day of my trip... and no video!!! I'm so bummed because if I had a camera that actually worked I'd have some bad ass video right now. And I might never return so it's really disappointing that none of the stuff I bought the GoPro for was captured.

Reading through some of these posts... if I have the wrong SD card why did it shoot fine in November but not December? Did I miss an update? And if GoPros solution is "go spend more money and buy more parts" ... I will be bad mouthing this company on every platform I can possibly find.

Time to enjoy the rest of my trip. 

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Re: First Time GoPro User, Endless Errors

@jackmccart29 - It does look like an SD issue. The first steps I'd recommend are posted at


If those steps don't correct the issues, please reach out to one of our Support reps at 




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Re: First Time GoPro User, Endless Errors

I hear your pain.  128gb card still today will not be hte right card to use for a  4K gopro camera, you will need a 4k sdxc card, is hte card you have a 4K card? I believe the Extreme plus are top of the line. not ultra, and ultra will crash in  a heart beat.  I bought a cam and gotten an ultra card, better that I lost the card then used it, and that was exactly what has happened. it was with a Hero session a free ultra card.


 when I swapped over to a PNY UH-1 U3 4K rated card as well  sandisk extreme plus card  I never, no I had troubles once or twice with my Yi4K action camera. all I needed to do was "Format the Card" in a puter. so did you format your card in a puter before using any cards?  GoPr will tell you in a manual on a regular bases to format a sd card in the ca,era?


Well I am a gopro diehard person and I have a hero 5 Black and I got the worst sound ever but no issues at all with  it working. I try not to  but we all do it buy a new camera and let it sit till vacation time. play around always use it, get to learn it.


SO sorry to hear the frustration and all I know  saying a sd card is hte issue but  we need to have the best card possible, 128gb ultra best be 90mb read/write speed. or I hear 60 write speed is needed.   hope  I was just a lil helpful and  to top it off


GoPro must make a dedicated sdxc card, finish not over charge people, Period and problems are solved.