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Firmware upgrade over wifi and new user info

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Just got my Hero 6 yesterday and after connecting to iPhone X over wifi I got notify fot a firmware upgrade.


And my phone downloaded over 4G I guess because it was using direct wifi with gopro.

I did searh for gopro over BT but did non seem to show up.


Did I miss something or the only way to upgrade from cell phone is to download new firmware via cellura data?

Do you know how big is this file?


Since I'm waiting for the SDCard the I picked from compatibily list I used an Samsung U1 HC1 16Gb sd card and it seem to work correctttly for the short video I recorded as a test. Can I trust this card or it can fail after some time?


What is the most popular FOV used in travel video?

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Re: Firmware upgrade over wifi and new user info

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Hi @alainf2


Thanks for choosing GoPro to capture great moments!

You may still use Wi-Fi to complete the update.

The camera will disconnect from your phone to give way for the download to proceed.

Your phone normally has the setting which connection to utilize.


We always recommend using one of the SD cards listed on this link as these are known to work well with GoPro cameras.


I enjoy shooting with a Wide FOV as the fish eye effects really adds some depth to the videos. 

You may check some travel videos made with GoPro to see its effects.

Still, it will depend on your preference and how you like to present your story.








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Re: Firmware upgrade over wifi and new user info

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one last question


does GPS consume a lot of battery? I can't really think at any usaga of GPS data on my travel video



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Re: Firmware upgrade over wifi and new user info

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Hi @al404


Nope, it is not really noticeable. 

But it would be a best practice to turn it off when you don't need GPS data.