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Filming bright lights at night

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I'm new here and don't have a Gopro yet. I am a pyrotechnician and I want to get one to strap to my hard hat so I can film a hand-fired fireworks show from the shpoters perspective. Not sure what camera to get or even if any of them would be able to capture the extreme flash and fire so close up at night. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance to anyone that can offer suggestions.
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Re: Filming bright lights at night

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The GP9 isn't best at low light situations. However, the key in this is to set your exposure setting not on automatic. You have to experiment a little with the exposure setting in order to get the correct exposure for the fireworks. In auto mode, the exposure will be based on the 'dark' sky. If that is the case then, if you fire some fireworks, the image will be way overexposed.