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Feiyutech G5 gimbal Hero 8 Cable

I've converted the Feiyutech G5 V2 gimbal to the Hero 8 plate for the G6. No mods, just two screws. Adding a steel fender washer under the counterbalance end cap brought the Hero 8 into balance. 


Like all my GoPros the battery life too short for my long hours of road cycling activity, so I need to adapt. The Feiyutech G5 V2 gimbal is great because of it's huge battery and the supplied power port on the gimbal head along with a short 3" USB Mini to USB C for the Hero 8. Today I rigged a two-point mount for the gimbal and went to charge the whole rig.


The supplied USB C connector for the Hero 8 is too bulky and hits the motor housing. The connector needs to tiny and a quick 90 may be required.

1) Is there a solution on the market?

2) Can I dissolve the connector housing recast it as something that fits?


For now, I'll flip the Hero 8 in the mount and give up mode button access.