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Feedback / Enhancement / Experience I had before loosing my GoPro

I recently lost my GoPro and I was sad to know that GoPro customer support can't track device and there is no other way to retrieve device, after this I have lost trust in GoPro and will think twice before purchasing new GoPro as they is not doing anything in providing security or any help in tracking down my GoPro.

I wanted to provide feedback for GoPro Products, You did amazing job of building this handy, sturdy, one of the best Point and shoot cameras. You should have done more in offering security and other helpful features to gain Trust and USP in current competitive market. Now I feel if GoPro had implemented few security settings I could have tracked my GoPro on my own.
I don't know if anyone have suggested any solutions earlier or not but please read below mentioned possible solutions that would have worked best. I hope this feedback will reach out to right place and this will be implemented and will help me to regain my trust!

1. GoPro device can ask for Email address and save it encrypted with password at first login, later whenever it turns on and gets connected to any GoPro app it must send Geo Location to registered email via app. It is very easy thing to implement without investing a lot of money as we have already seen such safety features in phones.

2. MAPS, I know you have provided one option to find my GoPro inside app but that will only work when you have GoPro turned on and I don't need to tell you how much the battery last in GoPro to keep it on all the time that makes this feature total useless because it's impossible to track your GoPro just listing to small beeps. I know you will agree to that.
Instead of providing that you should have provided map feature that will help in tracking device in realtime as it already have GPS it just need transmitter to transmit location, I am also considering users privacy here by keeping tracking feature to owner because owner have paid for that.

3. Whenever update is pushed on device itshould broadcast the location where it is updated on registered email I mentioned in my first point.

4. Encryption on memory card so that the photos can't be recovered when opened in PC or MAC.

Similarly there are many inovative solutions now that should have been implemented as a security feature in GoPro to stand out in market.

I agree your product provides best quality footage and many inovative things like voice command, underwater, 4k and many more however it's not useful if you can't take care of security as it is very easy to lose it and can be easily stolen.

Hope this feedback will reach out to your development team and they will incorporate some safety features in future GoPro.
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Re: Feedback / Enhancement / Experience I had before loosing my GoPro

sorry you lost your GoPro, but at the end of the day YOU are responsible for making sure it was secure & had the safety measures in place. Did you use the tephering point to secure the GoPro in case the original mount failed/broke


as for the tracker, adding one would increase the cameras size, increase the RRP & reduce the battery useage time


encrypting files i'm sure could easily be done, but you'll soon be moaning "it takes me longer to download/edit my photo's" now. 

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Re: Feedback / Enhancement / Experience I had before loosing my GoPro

Feedback can be given here

As far as security goes, I have to agree with @duanem8 It's YOUR responsibility to take care of your stuff. You didn't explain how you lost your camera, but if it was stolen you are the one who didn't secure your device. If it was lost while in use, then it's most likely because you didn't tether the camera.

As far as your ideas, I really don't see how they are feasable.
#1 - the GoPro community lost their minds when GoPro started asking them to do a one time log in for the app. I highly doubt asking them to do so just to use the camera would go over very well. Not to mention privacy concerns and people not wanting GoPro or anyone else tracking their locations. And what happens if there is no service or the Geo Location can't be sent? Does the camera just not work?

#2 How does having a transmitter sending location data solve the battery issue? Additionally, this would increase the cost of the camera. You can purchase trackers to put on your camera if you really think this is a necessary and needed investment.

#3 Manual updates will register the camera to an email account. As far as broadcasting location...again see privacy in first point.

#4 So the photos and videos can only be viewed on a registered device? Again, more headache than it's worth. Inconvenient, and would create serious backlash.

Feel free to submit your ideas. Perhaps GoPro will adopt some of them. I hope not, but it's not my decision. In the meantime, take some responsibility for what YOU could have done better to prevent your loss. The fact that you wrote that you, "have lost trust in GoPro and will think twice before purchasing new GoPro" is just sad.