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Feature Request: hyper smooth - gimbal direction lock

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I've noticed that when I attach the camera to a big solid object (like a vehicle) that the video has trouble staying locked to that object when there is a lot of turning (e.g. following a twisty road). Instead, when turning, the camera tends to "pan" and then lock... pan then lock creating a very robotic feel. I understand this is likely the result of the EIS trying to keep the frame smooth.


It would be cool if there was a setting to address these circumstances. This setting could allow a user to select which gimbal axis you wanted the camera to "lock" on so that the jerky panning motion observed in the resulting footage could be eliminated. If you locked to the horizontal axis, then the camera wouldn't fight to keep the frame smooth on that axis and would instead be locked to the object it was mounted to horizontally. Likewise, with the vertical setting, vertical movement would be locked and horizontals smooth.


Considering how pronounced the jerky-ness of video is, something to address it like this proposed setting (or some fancy new algorithm) would be awesome.

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Re: Feature Request: hyper smooth - gimbal direction lock

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Hi @bryann17530,


Thanks for your suggestion. 

I'll forward this to our team.