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Feature Request - Save HDMI settings on power off

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I use the Hero 8 with Media Mod HDMI out into a Video Switcher for mobile livestreams of Musicians and DJs. Often I want to put a gopro in a spot that isn't the most accessible. It is frustrating that  by default the GoPro goes into Media Playback mode when the HDMI cable is plugged in or the power is cycled. The only way to change to a clean HDMI is using the Mode button the camera to switch out of Media PLayback, then again to remove the onscreen info. If for whatever reason the camera is powered off or the hdmi unplugged then plugged back in this resets and there is no way to change it remotely (can't see any option for this in the mobile app either). 


This seems like a massive oversight. Not only do I need to use the buttons on the camera to change this setting everytime I also need to be in eyeline of my monitor as the gopro screen doesn't show when HDMI is plugged in.


This needs to be fixed. 

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Re: Feature Request - Save HDMI settings on power off

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This is something that a few GoPro users have requested to be fixed for quite some time, however due to the way the hardware (media mod) interfaces with the camera, this isn't something that can easily be remedied.  Also with the team working hard on other projects it's unlikely this is a very high priority for them to investigate.  Unless there is a sufficient number of users who request this feature (ie.  enough to affect sales) then it's unlikely that this will be addressed.