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Feature Request: QuickCapture Photo

GoPro Staff & Fellow GoPro Users,


Been using the HERO7 Black now since its release and love the thing! I especially found QuickCapture very useful in prolonging battery life.


Feature Request: QuickCapture for Photos


When it comes to all the modes -- we have Video, Picture, and Timelapse.


For QuickCapture, we only have two options, Video and Timelapse. We know when using QuickCapture for whatever mode it uses the last saved settings for that particular mode. However, we do not have the option to just simply snap a photo with the camera off.


Can we get an option to use QuickCapture in Photo mode so it can quickly snap a photo in the last saved settings like the others (such as photo/burst/night)? This could be especially useful if someone just wants to snap a quick selfie photo or snap a quick burst (like getting a group photo). This is especially useful if it is already mounted on something (such as a helmet, body harness, or other means) without needing to turn it on, switch modes, and snap, eliminating the means necessary to "set up the camera" by turning it on, swtiching to Photo Mode and snapping a photo when these features exist for Video and Timelapse. It would add that much more versatility to the GoPro. You know what they all say -- "the best camera is the one you have with you" and sometimes snapping a quick photo is the best option.


So please GoPro, I ask that you incorporate Photos to be used in QuickCapture in a similar fashion as Video/Timelapse with the GoPro off and simply pressing the shutter button. With Video being activated with a single press of the shutter button and Timelapse pressing & holding, Doing QuickCapture in Photo mode could be Tap + Hold combo (where you tap/release, followed by a hold), or just a simple double press followed by a number of beeps to tell the user it snapped a photo. 


It's all about capturing that "moment" at a moment's notice! Thanks in advance.



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Re: Feature Request: QuickCapture Photo

Another thought...imagine being in the water and taking GoPro with you (with it off) and being able to quickly snap a SuperPhoto under water with your friends via QuickCapture. You're not going to want to physically turn it on and set it up (let alone be able to use the touchscreen). This would just add much more versatility and ease-of-use. 👍🏼

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Re: Feature Request: QuickCapture Photo


Hi @bcharleson


Glad to hear that you are enjoying the HERO7 Black!


We appreciate your feedback regarding the QuikCapture feature.

I'll have this raised to the team in charge.

Please continue to check our website for updates.