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Faulty Go Pro Hero 5 Black

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I have a Go Pro Hero 5 Black.


As soon as I insert my Go Pro battery it switches on in time lapse mode and starts taking a photo every 5 seconds. At this point the shutter button is unresponsive. I need to then hold in the Mode Button to switch the camera off. I can then switch the camera back on normally using the mode button. The camera switches on normally in video mode. I can use the mode button to cycle through the different modes. The shutter button is however unresponsive and does not seem to function.

When the camera is switched off and I push the shutter button, like I would normally do to start taking a video, the camera turns on in time lapse mode and starts taking photos every 5 seconds. Once again the only way to stop this is to hold in the mode button and switch the camera off.


I have also noticed that the small black and white LCD screen on the front of the camera does not display anything at all.

When I run through the procedure above to get the camera switched on without recording anything I am able to connect it to the go pro app on my phone. I am then able to start record and stop record normally using the app but not the shutter button on the camera.


The camera is about 2 years old and has never been used in water without a waterproof case. It has also never had any major impact that could have caused damage. This above abnormal behavior just started randomly.


I have attempted a factory reset on the device and updated the firmware to the latest version available online. This however did not have any effect on the problem.


Any advise will be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Faulty Go Pro Hero 5 Black

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Hi @epicalp40616,


Please contact GoPro customer support for assistance.