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Fake Shut-Down when filming with Quick Capture (one-button recording)

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I film with Quick Capture (one-button capture) exclusively.


When I use that mode, I typically just:

- Hit the shutter button: Turns camera ON and starts recording.

- Hit the shutter button again: Camera stops recording and turns OFF.


That seems to work fine.




If I decide to turn the camera on standby first (by hitting the power/mode button instead of the shutter-button), I experience a fake power-down when trying to turn off with the power/mode button. By fake: I mean, the screen goes black, but then if I wait a few seconds it's back on again and thus never actually shut down.


To remedy that, I either:

A. Record a useless clip and then power-down. (Recording something seems to then allow me to actually power-down).


B. Remove the battery.


It's pretty annoying, and I'd like to know that this issue is going to be fixed in the upcoming firmware.




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Re: Fake Shut-Down when filming with Quick Capture (one-button recording)

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Thank you for sharing, @joshuat635. I have responded on the other thread that you joined in. Best regards!