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FOV and WB information on video files?

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I have recently taken my Hero 4 Silver on a scuba diving trip, and experimented with different FOV's and manual White Balance settings to see what worked best when compared side by side. Unsurprisingly, I cannot remember which FOV/WB combination were used on which of the videos, but assumed this information for each file would be readily available within the GoPro studio app, especially seeing as information such as the resolution, frame rate etc is very easy to find.  But I can't seem to find where that information is! Can anyone help please? Surely that information must be available somewhere?

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Re: FOV and WB information on video files?

There are programs you can search for that will display video metadata. I'm not sure how much is stored in Hero4 videos. If you go into the video advanced properties you might be able to find some. Generally, with video you do not get as much as you do with pictures. White Balance might be there but usually it's aperture and not FOV that is given. In general, you can tell the approximate FOV used by how much curvature there is at the corners and how close (or far away) the subject appears relative to the camera. With wide and Superview, the subject should appear further away and you have more curvature. The overall video should also look a little cleaner. Medium and Linear will be straighter at the edges as the curve is cropped out. The subject will be a little closer but overall it will look similar to wide. Narrow is pretty dramatic. The picture quality looks like it has been digitally zoomed and there is little to none curvature as only the center of the sensor is being used. WB is basically cool to warm and if the picture looks bland it was set to native.
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Re: FOV and WB information on video files?

Hi - thanks for the reply, Yes, I'm used to seeing a lot of metadata with still images so I'm not so familiar with what video will tell you. That's really interesting that using narrow gives you a lower image quality; I took some footage of a nudibranch (tiny little sea slug) using the narrow FOV and couldn't work out why the IQ really wasn't all that good - I assumed it was particles in the water, lower than optimum light levels etc etc - but perhaps it's because I was using the narrow setting then? It never occurred to me how the GoPro achieved the narrow FOV as the physical lens is clearly a wide angle lens, so it works by just cropping the centre of the image then?