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External Mic to GoPro Fusion

Hi everyone, how you tell me if Gopro Fusion supports external microphone? I would like to record myself driving and talking in a motorcycle, and it's will be just possible with a external mic. thanks!

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Re: External Mic to GoPro Fusion

Hello @khevyn360. Sorry, the Fusion does not work with external microphones. It relies on a 4-mic system that works for advanced wind noise reduction. Thanks! 

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Re: External Mic to GoPro Fusion

Thank you for the reply, Could you please tell me which option do you indicate me to record audio inside my helmet?
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Re: External Mic to GoPro Fusion

no mic in



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Re: External Mic to GoPro Fusion



I have the Fusion and am getting a ton of wind noise when recording outside.    Is there any option to reduce this via settings etc?   I see some reference to manual audio control on the gopro site but does the Fusion have that option?


Also if I just wanted to put a wind sock on it, where are the mics located?

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Re: External Mic to GoPro Fusion

The Fusion does not have a wind reduction feature like we have in our other cameras since the Fusion is designed to capture audio in 360. If it's an issue, you could try some filters on the mics (they're the three holes on top) or correct the audio in editing.

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Re: External Mic to GoPro Fusion

You might be better off buying a cheap digital voice recorder and hook up an seperate (wearable) mic to that.  I tried one out last year and was surprised by just how good the audio quality is.  People might complain about the lack of proper time coding for sycing up audio and video later but I just go oldschool and use a clapper board.  Works like a charm!