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External Mic Clipping

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I'm running a Gopro Hero 5 with the factory mic adapter and an ETM-001 connected with a short cable.


I use the camera as a helmet cam and would like to be able to pull audio for it as well, but I've been struggling with clipping. I thought at first that it was just a matter of too much wind and engine noise, but I've tried everything from bare mic, foam cover, windjammer/deadcat fuzz, foam+fuzz, and cocooning the mic in 1cm of closed cell foam. I've had it inside my helmet, outside, in my jacket pocket, and even dropped in my backpack lid, so it's been both completely exposed and entirely isolated from wind noise.


All connections plug in solidly, and my camera is updated to 2.60. Does anyone have an idea on what to do about this? I'm starting to wonder if my mic is just "too nice" and isn't meant for this level of noise, but I'd rather not buy more parts if needed.