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Re: Experience so far with the 1.61 firmware

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I did what Robert1326 said.
First fully format the SD Card (no quick) on my PC.
Copied the unziped update on SD Card.
Reset to factory settings the hero 7.
Remove the battery from the hero 7.
Insert the SD card.
Insert the battery in camera.
Start the camera
After finishing the update:
Remove the SD card and format it again on my PC (quick format)
Insert the SD card on hero 7
Start the camera.
After adjusting the time and date, reset to factory settings.
Now i give tries. After some days I will inform all of us.
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Betreff: Experience so far with the 1.61 firmware

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I also done this ... ... yesterday , first day after that i have no Problems... but i need to Test longer... would be great if that is a soulution
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Re: Experience so far with the 1.61 firmware

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You must first unzip (extract) the UPDATE folder to your computer from the file.  Do not place the zipped file on the SD card.


Perform a FULL (not quick - uncheck this box) format of your SD card in your computer

Move the UPDATE folder (not onto the SD card

Right click and Eject the SD card from the computer

Remove the SD card and place it in your camera

Turn the camera on using the side Mode/Power button

Wait for the update to complete

On the camera, go into Preferences>Reset and format the SD card

Go to Preferences>Reset and choose factory reset

Turn off the camera when done

On your phone, open the app and go to camera and press and hold on the picture of your camera until delete comes up

Delete this instance of the camera from your phone

Turn on the camera and you should be prompted for the first time setup

When you get to connecting to the app, press the (+) in the app on your phone and choose the HERO7 Black

The app and phone should connect automatically (it's best to just leave the name as it is)

Once connected, use the app to go into camera settings and scroll down to Date/Time

Press on Date/Time to sync the camera and phone to the same date/time.

Exit setup

Take two pictures and a short video

Power off the camera using the app and then exit the app

Your camera should now be working fine.


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Re: Experience so far with the 1.61 firmware

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I did exactly this with my first Hero 7. Didn't change anything but it was with the old firmware.

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Re: Experience so far with the 1.61 firmware

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@danielr15 Thank you! We talk the same "language". I did it exactly as you said. The menu of the camera runs fast now!

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Re: Experience so far with the 1.61 firmware

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Well, that's about me finished with gopro products. I thought I had software issues sorted but Today, I have lost all conectivity with it apart from using it with my desktop via usb. WiFi via the android app fails. The destop app crashes the very moment I try to connect.


I've made my thoughts very clear to Amazon and its on its way back for a refund.


Onwards and upwards ;-)


See ya guys.

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Re: Experience so far with the 1.61 firmware

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I hear ya  gopro is not  forevery one. I hearwhat yousaid and what will your other camera be  Garmin Virb?  a more expensive model or say the Pocket by DJI that has focal issue as well a  narrower fov etc.


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Re: Experience so far with the 1.61 firmware

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I test hero 7 today in light conditions.
When i test it, the picture jumps with stabilization on or off to all video modes.
I did a sd format again and a factory reset, but the problem remains the same.
I remove the SD card and in standby mode i turn the camera to the right and to the left, with or without sd card the picture still jumps!
Battery is on 82 %.
Maybe it needs to send the camera to service.