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Re: Experience so far with the 1.61 firmware

last night  again a blurred shot with  the cam again and going to have to see  in the shots I took at day time as well to rule out soft focus.  Knowing low light and having Hypersmooth on  is part not all of the issue.    the slightest mistake becomes the greatest issue.  for people.  Lol.



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Re: Experience so far with the 1.61 firmware

@andreis40011 wrote:

@andreis40011 wrote:

So I tested the new firmware today and this is what I found:


+ they definitely tweaked something in regards to noise reduction, 1080p quality looks better, noise reduction is not so strong or is better managed but it's still not on par with Hero 6 black in my opinion but nevertheles it is at least usable now. Timewarp in 1080p it's miles better and here it's were you will see better compression and detail;

+ navigating through menus it's definitely improved by a long shot;

+ hypersmooth is better in low light but at a cost of being less effective, I am curious how it performs on a forest trail where lot's of mountain bikers where complaining on this issue (here it's where a minimum shutter speed would be handy);

+ slow panning shots are possible now but I would not say they are completly eradicated. Sometimes the algorithm fails and you see the hiccup altough not as jarring as in the previous firmware. But when it works it works.



- it happened twice that the camera won't start when pressing the on button, and I was forced to pull off the battery to make it work again. I will keep an eye and see if it's something that happens regularly.

- in livestreaming using phone hotspot, I saw a more compressed image on uploaded footage on facebook and an occasional intreruption but it could be a problem on my end with the signal, got to test it further.

- navigating through menus, altough much improved, I have encountered a freeze in scrooling, it would not scrooll trying to change protune settings. This happened once.


I think this is a pretty good update but they definitely should not stop here. More tweaking on 1080p quality and a selection of stabilization levels on all resolution (Hypersmooth, Hero 6 stabilization and off) should be taken in consideration in the next update in my opinion. And also they should really implement a minimum shutter speed setting.


NOTE: I have manually updated and did a full reset.

So I feel I should give an update after a more extensive testing:

- 1080p quality doesn't seem to have changed in any significant way over the previous frmware. Hero 6 better handles detail at this resolution. Timewarp in 1080 still to me looks better, offering a better compression since the previous firmware. One note I should add is that the last time I have tested 1080p timewarp was in summer and I know small cameras have a more hard time compresing foliage. Now is full time winter and maybe that is why to me it seems better.

- After listening to advice from danielr (full format my card->manually update camera->format card in camera->full reset) the problem of device not turning on never appeared again so this advice should be sticked somewhere around here to be available always. Also I have not experienced freezing in menus again.

- live streaming is ok but, there is a "problem" wich I don't remenber the previous firmware had because I never used it that much: at the 2 or 3 second mark, there is always a 1 or 2 second stutter (no matter if I use phone hotspot or wireless router connection). After this initial stutter everything works fine and the quality is as I expect it to be.

- There seems to be some battery drain even with connections, gps, voice control, quick record off. I would say an average of 5% overnight. But it doesn't alwas manifest. I must note that I have 3 original batteries wich I constantly rotate so can't say if one is faulty, but I don't remember having observed this with the previous firmware. Sometimes it doesn't drain at all, sometimes overnight it drains 5%-10% and if I check again later in the day it seems to not drain further or it drains like 1%. I will do more testing without the card, the same battery and with no battery in over night over a longer period of time. I also have the dual charger and I am in the habbit of charging them this way instead of the camera. I will only charge the batteries using the camera over a period of time since I suspect the firmware needs to calibrate itself.


So I am partially happy of this update, I'm definitely glad that they somehow made panning better and hypersmooth in low light better too, but my biggest gripe with this camera was the 1080p quality which is not fixed. Hope the battery drain is someting that will resolve itself.

Done testing the battery drain issue and I can confirm a slow, abnormal battery drain with the new firmware. Switched back to 1.51 firmware and the battery drain dissapeared.

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Re: Experience so far with the 1.61 firmware

It's sad to see that Gopro can still not make a fully functional firmware.


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Betreff: Experience so far with the 1.61 firmware

Right ... my cam often stucks and freeze and i had to put the battery off.. this sucks really
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Re: Experience so far with the 1.61 firmware

I had the same problems yesterday twice with my Hero7!
The camera won't start when pressing the on button, and I was forced to pull off the battery to make it work again!
I have encountered a freeze in scrolling. This happend twice!
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Re: Experience so far with the 1.61 firmware

Appreciate you sharing details of the results of your test, @andreis40011. Great to know that you observed better HyperSmooth performance in low light situations and in panning . There is good information here on getting the best shot with your HERO7 Black when in low light situations. I see that you reverted to firmware 1.51 . By any chance, would you have results to show that there is a significant difference in battery drain percentage with it as compared to the latest firmware?


@dennobundy and @konstantin30287, considering that you are already using one of the recommended cards on this list, please see if performing a full format on it like how @danielr15 suggested above would help with the freezing issue. Let us know how it works out. 


@bansheerider1, is your camera already updated to the latest firmware? Are you using a recommended SD card? Does the camera itself play the videos fine? 


We'd love to hear back from you. Thanks!

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Betreff: Experience so far with the 1.61 firmware

Sure sd Card comes from GoPro bundle ... all formated and cam reset... no help .. its a joke a cam that costs 400€ with so buggy firmware
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Re: Experience so far with the 1.61 firmware

I had issues with freezing and bought a SanDisk extreme pro 64 gb card instead. The old one was supported but perhaps it's just old and torn now.

The most annoying thing now is whenever I stop my recording the screen just slides to another video mode..annoying but not a huge issue.

Also when I press record I see on the lcd that the camera puts hilight automatically every second...

I have owned this camera one day and pretty much it's gopro?