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Re: Experience so far with the 1.61 firmware


Probably best if you just contact the GoPro Support Team.  Be sure to let them know you've tried manually updating, factory resets, and SD cards from the recommendation list as they will probably ask you to do all of these things if you don't.  My HERO7 Black is working great so I know that it's not an inherent issue with all cameras, so maybe you just need to exchange yours.

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Re: Experience so far with the 1.61 firmware

Guys, some potentially good news. Someone from the GoPro repesentatives here (jeff if I remember corectly) made a comment on a topic that is about the slow discharge of the camera with this new firmware. He said that it is possible that bluetooth is not turning off properly even if the connections is set to off so he recommended tot pull put the battery and wait for 5 seconds and put it back again if you plan to store it. As I was suspecting that something doesn't turn off as it should I tried this advice, leaving it out for 10 seconds (just to be sure) and putting it back leaving it over night. Guess what, so far in my testing it seems that battery drain has stopped, not even a 1% discharge. So try this if you experience this slow discharge. It is definitely a bug but until is resolved it's a temporary fix.

I found another bug regarding navigating the menus. For some reason after swiping up to see the media I shot, I saw that one animation lags teribly - that animation is when you swipe up to dismiss the topdown menu when you swipe down to see the notification like menu (like in a smartphone). GoPro you should really consider me beta testing the next GoPro :))) - I wish.

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Re: Experience so far with the 1.61 firmware

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I came in contact with the Gopro support team and told the problem i am facing with my Hero7.

They asked for me to sent them some videos (RAW and etc.), to understand the issue and more information about all the tries i did with firmware update.

After all these, they work it out that was a Stabilization problem and decide to replace my camera with a New One.

They gave me all the information that was necessary  and a UPS ticket for return!

The camera is already returned on Monday 7th January 2019 and on Wednesday 9th  they informed me by email that the Replacement order ######### has been set up and should be on its way to me shortly.

I have to say MANY MANY THANKS about the Gopro Support Team until now!Smiley Happy 

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Re: Experience so far with the 1.61 firmware


Thanks for letting us know @konstantin30287,


I hope that it would be all sorted out.




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Re: Experience so far with the 1.61 firmware

Hope for you, your problem will be solved, but I'm not sure it will. Have send different camera's back with "an issue". Each time the replacement one had the same issue because it's a common problem.

Last camera that I had returned was my hero 6 black because it gaved shaky image from time to time when using 100fps on 1080P.

They replaced it ( thanks for that) but the replacement device did the same thing from time to time.

Gopro support are trying to help people as much as they can, but they should give feedback to development team to do a proper investigation.